Obstetrics & Gynecology

  • ANHM Hospital is one of the premier health care providers in Delhi which is devoted exclusively to provide world class essential quality services in mother and child health care.
  • ANHM Hospital offers State-of-the-Art tertiary care in various obstetric & Gynecologic super specialties. A center where a woman can walk in confidently & get all her health problems solved. The Ambience is not only soothing but also of international quality in terms of expertise, equipment and care.
  • The center has an outstanding team of Obstetricians & Gynecologists trained in the field of High Risk Pregnancy Care, Fetal medicine, Infertility & Fertility enhancing surgery, Gynae endoscopies and Uro-gynecology, to provide comprehensive management of problems of women
  • At ANHM Hospital the Mother & Child health care complex is amongst the most vibrant, situated on the ground floor. It is planned in such a way that pregnant mother & her family can have easy & quick access directly into maternity suits. The baby care unit is also besides the maternity suit. The baby care unit is also placed besides the maternity sunit complex so as to avail quick transport of new born, if needed.

This Complex Boasts of

  • Exclusively separate Obstetrics & Gynaecology OPD unit with Gynae, work station & seprate ultra sonography. Pediatric OPD id adjacent to OBGY OPD unit.
  • Spacious waiting lounge for relatives.
  • Well-equipped ultra-modern labor rooms with specialized LDRP beds (Labour, delivery, recovery & puerperium).
  • Dedicated operation theatre only for obstetric emergency next to labour room.
  • Exclusive 3 Bedded recovery room
  • Facilities for labour analgesia (painless delivery.
  • Hi-tech State-Of-The-Art equipment for Endoscopy & anesthesia.
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit adjacent to labour room suits.
  • Indoor facilities next to labour room complex with world-class ambience of 30 beds.
  • Conference & Counseling room.
  • Team of Obstetricians, Gynecologist & Neonatologist trained abroad.
  • Additional easily approachable facilities.

Our OPD services include:

  • Obstetrics & Gynecology consultation.
  • Fetal medicine clinic.
  • Gynecological Cancer screening clinic.
  • Gynae work station with flexible office hysterosocopy & colposcopy.
  • High risk pregnancy Clinic.
  • Infertility clinic.
  • Menopausal Clinic.
  • Ultra Sonography.
  • Urogynaecology Clinic.

Special Features

Labour Complex

  • 3 Bedded fully equipped pre-labour hold with Pre-Eclampsia & Eclampsia bed.
  • Deluxe labour room with LDRP Beds.
  • Individualized electronic fetal monitoring.
  • In house ultrasonography for obstetric emergency.
  • Emergency crash – cart/
  • Well-equipped Hitech obstetric operation theater next to labour rooms.
  • Facilities for painless deliveries.
  • 24X7 availability of expert obstetricians, neonatoligost, anesthetists & midwives.
  • Nursery.
  • NICU next to labour room complex for easy transport of a new born if needed.
  • Gynecological cancer screening clinic.
  • Gynae work station with flexible office hysteroscopy & colposcopy
  • Ultra Sonography

Obstetric Services

These include pre-pregnancy counseling, antenatal care for both kiw risk (Pregnancy complicated with diabetes, hypertension, cardiac problems etc.) group of patients. Investigations like ultrasound scan along with Doppler studies are done to monitor fetal wellbeing as and when required by efficient sonologists at the hospital itself. There is also good support from the laboratory, physiotherapy, Nutrition, diabetology, nephrology and cardiology units.

Painless labour by means of epidural analgesia is offered to the laboring woman. Continuous electronic fetal heart rate monitoring (CTG) is available to watch the baby’s condition during woman. Postgraduate trained resident obstetricians monitor the condition of mother and child round the clock, under guidance of senior consultants.



Plot No. B-25-26, 26-A Swarn Cinema Road, East Krishna Nagar, New Delhi-110051

TEL: 011-22003244, 011-22098463
Helpline: 9311101768, 9811100764
Email: srshhi@gmail.com

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