Patient Right and Responsibilities

Patient’s Rights

  • Respect / Dignity : You have the right to be treated with respect, consideration, compassion and dignity, in a safe and clean environment regardless of your age, gender, race national origin, religion, sexual orientation or disabilities.
  • Identity of the Care Providers : Patients have the right to be addressed by their proper name and to be told the names of the doctors, nurses and other healthcare team members involved in your care.
  • Privacy / Confidentiality : Patients have the right to full consideration of your privacy and confidentiality in care discussions, examinations and treatments.
  • Communication : Patients have the right to a clear and understandable explanation by their doctor about their diagnosis, as well as the benefits and risks of each treatment and expected outcome.
  • Patients have the right to participate in decisions involving your healthcare, except when such participation is contradicted for medical reasons.
  • Patients have the right to give consent (written) before any non-emergency procedure or treatment begins.
  • Patients have the right to be informed about pain and pain relief measures and to actively participate in your pain management plan.
  • Patients have a right to request for a second opinion and change their doctor.
  • Refusal of Treatment : Patients have the right to agree to, or refuse to, take part in medical research studies.
  • Patient may at any time withdraw from a study and it will not affect your usual medical care.
  • Patient has the right to be involved in their discharge plan. Prior to their discharge from the hospital, they can expect to receive information about follow-up care that may be needed after you are discharged.
  • Patient have the right to information on the following : Patient conduct and responsibilities, service available at our hospital; provisions for after-hours and emergency care; fees for services; payment policies; advance directives as required by state or national law and regulations; provider credentialing; and accurate information regarding the competence and capabilities of the organization.
  • Patient has the right to inspect and request a copy of their medical information.
  • Patient have the right to make suggestions and express grievances; to receive a personal response to same, if so requested; and to have continued access to care without intimidation, threat, coercion, discrimination, and other retaliatory action. No person will be asked to waive his or her rights, including the right to file a complaint regarding privacy, as condition of treatment.
  • Following discussion with their healthcare team, if they need to discuss any ethical issue related to their care, a member of the ethics committee is available to them.
  • The right to have a interpreter if they do not understand explanations.
  • You have a right to access to your clinical records.

Patients Responsibilities

  • Patients have the responsibility to keep appointments, be on time for appointments, and to inform their doctor / hospital if they cannot keep their appointments.
  • Patients have the responsibility to provide complete and accurate information, including their full name, address, residential telephone number, date of birth, insurance carrier and employer, when required.
  • Patients have the responsibility to provide accurate and complete information about current and past illness, medications, and other matters pertaining to their health.
  • Patients have the responsibility to follow the treatment plan recommended by their doctor or express concerns regarding your ability to comply.
  • Patients have the responsibility to actively participate in their pain management plan and to keep their doctors and nurses informed of the effectiveness of their treatment.
  • Patients are responsible for their actions if they refuse treatment or do not follow the doctor’s instructions.
  • Patients have the responsibility to take care of their belongings. They should not leave their valuables at home and only bring necessary items for their hospital stay.
  • Patients have the responsibility to treat all hospital staff, other patients and visitors with courtesy and respect; abide by the hospital rules and safety regulations; be considerate of noise levels, privacy and number of visitors; and comply with the no smoking policy.
  • Patients have the responsibility to provide complete and accurate information about their health insurance coverage and to pay their bills in a timely manner.
  • Patients have the responsibility to report any issues, complaints or concerns that may affect your care. We also request them to candidly complete the patient satisfaction questionnaire before they leave the hospital, for helping us to constantly improve our services.



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